About EnableIT

EnableIT started in January 2002 as an idealistic company commited to Open Source, who wants to give businesses access to the possibilities and benefits of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

EnableIT's employees have strong backgrounds in system administration which ensures you a professionel service.

EnableIT is focused on Open Source and the advantages it provides our customers.

We offer:

  • Consulting services: advice about, and implementation of, safe, stable and optimally performing network and server solutions, based on Open Source Software.
  • Monitoring and automation of server configuration - see Obmondo

EnableIT creates contact between the Open Source environment and companies that want to make use of the benefits which Open Source can provide. We consider us self as integrators who gathers the best from the Open Source community and contributes actively to the continued development of the products.

Company Profile

EnableIT is a company with broadly founded employees and has more than 20 years of experience with operations development (devops), System Administration and operations.

We are experts in Linux system administration and always have an eye for the strengths and weaknesses of the different solutions and have great experience as problemsolvers.

We have helped many, also large customers, achieve a stable, high performing, flexible and manageble platform for their operations.

Our core services is in server system configuration and administration, security and network - where we have a large experience with Open Source and Unix.

Our customers say they are pleased with us, because:

  • We get things done - at a fast pace
  • We always find a solution - also for the hard stuff.
  • We work very independently - not wasting their or their employees time

Our experience covers:

  • Performance and operations tasks on primarily unix systems that run some of the largest websites in Denmark
  • Loadbalancing and failover in both small and large environments using Linux Virtual Server, Citrix Netscaler, VRRP and more.
  • Programming in Shell/Bash, PHP and Perl, for system monitoring, cron jobs etc.
  • Network protocols, such as ARP, TCP, UDP
  • Applikation protocols, such as DNS, HTTP, SMTP, LMTP, POP3, IMAP etc.
  • System automation using scripts, and Puppet and Cfengine
  • Solving network problems using tcpdump and wireshark/ethereal
  • Security, including protection against DDOS and DOS.

We've worked primarily with Linux, but also with the following platforms: FreeBSD and Windows and have solid experience with UNIX in general, including HP-UNIX, Solaris and OpenBSD,